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Department history



In Ukraine, which was a part of the Russian Empire, in the late 19th century there was a booming development of mining and metallurgical industry (coal mining in Donbass, iron ore mining in Krivoy Rog, metallurgical complex in Yekaterynoslav), therefore a Higher Mining School was founded in Yekaterinoslav in 1899.
An order on establishing the mechanical mineral dressing study in the department of mining art of Yekaterinoslav Higher Mining School (YHMS) was issued in 1902. Mining engineer V.P. Stepanov was appointed the head of the study. However, the study has not started functioning as V.P. Stepanov moved to St. Petersburg. From 1903 Vladimir Gyskov became a head of the cabinet. He organized its work and was the actual founder of the department of mineral dressing.

As a mining engineer, he worked at the coal mines of Lysychansk which were in the Belgian industrialists concession. While working on probation in Belgium and Germany between1901 and 1902 he became convinced of the high efficiency of the coal preparation processes applied there.

In the spring of 1909 V. Guskov defended the thesis on the topic "The laws of the fall of mineral particles in the water applied to coal," in St. Petersburg Mining Institute. On May 15 he was elected an extraordinary professor of the department of mining art.

In 1912 YHMS was reorganised to Ekaterynoslav Mining Institute.

In the 1929 the mechanical mineral dressing study was transformed into the Department of Mineral Dressing. V. Guskov was appointed head of the department on July, 15 1930. He worthily led the department till April, 10 1946.


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