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Over the period of its history department of mineral dressing is the source of many modern scientific developments in the field of synthesis and separation of materials mineral dressing technologies, which laid the foundation for the development of scientific schools of gravity and magnetic methods of enrichment, crushing and grinding processes.

Today with the development of computer technology the Department makes extensive use of computer modeling and system analysis in such scientific fields as the theory of separation processes and mathematical modeling of mineral dressing technologies; system analysis technology, information technology and operations management mineral dressing schemes; mechanics of suspensions in mineral processing;  gravity separation technology of fine and ultrafine mineral particles, high-gradient magnetic separation, processing technology technogenic deposits and recycling of secondary resources; regeneration of recycled water.

Integrated and environmental management, as well as the environment in many ways defined the task of research work carried out at the Department of MD – «Justification of the equipment parameters technological lines and processing of industrial solid waste in obtaining products for future use»

As a result of the project will be justified constructive and technological equipment parameters for production lines:

-         slag processing and concentration of ferroalloy production;

-         processing glass and construction waste;

-         waste processing of mineral dressing complex titanium-placer deposits;

-         processing and clean of coal sludge, manufacturing briquettes;

-     processing of municipal solid waste (modules extraction of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, light fraction extraction module, the module biogas using magnetic, electro-and ballistic separators).

The results of theoretical and practical studies find the display in textbooks and monographs, scientific guidelines and articles, most of which are published in our collection of scientific and technical papers "Zbagachennya korisnih copaline."

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