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Department of mineral processing is one of the first to begin its work since the founding of the National Mining University, with its centuries-old traditions and a wide variety of specialties, developed foreign bonds and favorable conditions for in-depth training on individual plans, the possibility of a second higher education and military specialty.

Historically, one of the most interesting and promising specialties is "Mineral  dressing".

Source of metals, fuels, many kinds of mineral raw materials for construction are minerals. Only a very small part of them is found in nature in such form and with such purity that they can be used without prior special treatment, ie enrichment. Therefore, the development of mineral resources in most cases consists of two stages: extraction and enrichment.


How efficiently the complex will be produced raw material used and the products of processing depends on enrichment technology, its excellence and efficiency. That's why our students - fortificants - learn the technological properties of minerals, processes and machines for mineral processing, advanced technology of primary processing of mineral raw materials, test methods and certification of mineral concentrates.

In recent years there has been increased interest in the development of man-made mineral deposits, that is, waste production, which for decades had been accumulating in the territories of the industrial enterprises ( mining and beneficiation, coal mines, steel mills and other ), as well as landfill waste in big cities. These man-made deposits at low capital costs are reserve produce additional ferrous and nonferrous metals and various types of industrial 


raw materials.


During training, when the Student Education students work aimed at developing new technological solutions to improve the machines, processes, technology, mineral

Specialty "Mineral Dressing" has two specializations, namely: processing and indigenous technological fields.


- The technology of mineral processing ;

- Quality , standardization and certification of minerals.

Department of bachelors, specialists and masters.

Form of study: full-time, part-time, external.

The object of activity: technology minerals processing, mineral, modeling flowsheets processing industry, the development of technological equipment, standardization and certification of mineral resources, the definition of consumer properties and technological suitability of mineral raw materials , preparation of specifications and standards for the products of mining.

Economic activity: organizational and management , research and technological activities at mining enterprises, scientific research institutes, organizations of various forms of ownership developing enrichment technology diverse minerals.


Qualifications: mining engineer-technologist.

Graduates of the department are sent to work at processing plants, recycling and briquette factories, mines, cuts in research and design institutions. Work in the primary positions: a shift foreman, manager, inspector of quality, standardization engineer, engineer, manager of processing equipment, the master of ; shift supervisor, foreman, researcher, university lecturer .

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