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Today the department is headed by Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, full member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine

Petro Pilov

The field of study at the department is “Mineral dressing”. There are two specialities: “Technology of mineral dressing” and “Quality, standartization and sertification of minerals”. In total 33 people are working at the department at this moment, among them there are 7 Doctors of Technical Sciences and 8 PhDs.

  • The main scientific fields of the department are:

    ​ the theory of separation processes;

    ​ systematic analysis of technologies;

    ​ mechanics of suspensions in mineral processing;

    ​ technologies of gravity separation of fine materials;

    ​ high-gradient magnetic separation;

    ​ enrichment products dewatering;

    ​ special and combined enrichment methods;

    ​ hydrometallurgy.

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